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Being young is a time that is full of transitions, aches, finding out who we are, and sometimes getting distracted from our goal or dream. One way to help young people stay focused on their goals or dreams is to teach them how to be mindful. Coaching them through the transitions, aches and distractions is one way to show or teach them what it is to be mindful.

The first step in coaching anyone, including youth is to build rapport with them. This is done during a conversation. If you are a coach, it is usually done during an “intake” or a free consultation. One hurdle that can occur with youth is the mindset that we, as adults, know more than they do, which is not true when it comes to their dreams, goals, and territory. Communicating and building rapport with a person of any age requires respecting their perspective, goals, and desires.

Building rapport just happens to be the main topic of the first video training that has been created by myself and Cat Wilson. In this training module you learn how to develop rapport with youth, to create a goal, what youth think about some of their problems, and how to understand body language, including facial expressions and eye movements. We are offering this training in person on February 8, 2015. You will receive the video, a manual, toys and a open and fun learning environment and experience.

This workshop is for coaches, parents, teachers, grandparents, or anyone that is interested in helping kids of all ages become mindful and live their dreams and goals. For further information and more details, contact me at 503-560-4774 or

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