Five Years and Counting

It was a little over five years ago I began my journey into cancer for a third time. This particular journey was harder than the first two, with intense chemotherapy, side effects, new challenges with the “industrial medical complex,” work, and new physical challenges.

During my treatment I was focused on getting through it and trying to keep my life as “normal” as possible, using my old definition of normal. This task included denying some of the physical changes that were taking with my body. It still amazes me that I was so focused on the future that I didn’t always notice what was going on in the present. Perhaps that was my method of coping with a life-threatening disease. Even with my future focus I experienced many of the emotional ups and downs that can accompany a life-threatening illness.

The good news is that I have come out the other side and I am here to tell my story and help others as they go through their own journeys. Over the past five years I have discovered so many things about myself and disease including, how to interact with physicians, how to ask for assistance, how live with physical challenges, the trauma that can accompany a disease like cancer and it’s treatments, how to use metaphors for healing and wellness, how to use humor to get through it all, and how to live my life with my “new normal.”

Using my coaching and facilitation skills I am sharing my knowledge with small groups that will explore how a life-changing disease can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. If this is something that resonates with you, please feel free to contact me at


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