Art of Change Coaching is a consortium of coaches, NLP practitioners and consultants  located in the Portland Oregon metro area. Our talents and abilities range from  eliminating unresourceful behaviors or beliefs, enhancing creativity, building self esteem, and various kinds of coaching, that includes transitional, career, leadership, illness, and end of life. We also have coaches that are experienced in creating winning resumes and cover letters.

Our current main focus is on assisting individuals that are experiencing serious illness, such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, or osteoporosis (to name a few). We know how difficult it can be to navigate through these conditions because we have experienced them ourselves. Our mission is assist others managing their diagnosis, learning about the changes in their lives and working within the maze of medical care.

We also partner with other coaches, hypnotherapist, and other professionals to create new, exciting and innovative programs. A few of them are:

Sanctuary Space – A program for individuals (or their friends and family) that are experiencing a serious illness.

Life Scripting Journeys – A one to two day workshop to assist people who are stuck, or have a problem that needs an unbiased eye.

Pediatric Coach Magic – An on-line and in-person course that contains 9 segments for parents, teachers, grandparents and others that want to assist children and young adults with their issues and teach them how to live a mindful life.

Our “in-person” service area includes the Portland Metro area.

We are also available for distance coaching and consulting.

Contact us for a free initial consultation at 503-560-4774